Technology & Software License Advice

Technology & Software
License Advice

Minimize your risks
through the proper use of licensing.

Whether you are the licensor or the licensee, proper use of licenses is critical to the success of your business. Providing incorrect licenses to your customers can open you up to loss of revenue, theft, and other intellectual property risks.

As a purchaser of licensed technology and software, failure to obtain the right licenses can limit your flexibility and growth opportunity. Additionally, failure to abide by licensing terms can result in penalties and crippled operations if technology systems become unavailable.

DJMyers Law can help both licensors and licensees ensure their business needs are met and their risks are minimized through the proper use of licenses. Additionally, DJMyers Law can help you with
many license-related situations.

Our licensing practice assists in the following situations:

  • Open Source & Commercial Software Licenses
  • End User License Agreements (EULAs)
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Software Reseller Agreements
  • Software Distribution Agreements
  • Software & Source Code Escrow Agreements
  • Click-Wrap & Shrinkwrap Agreements
  • Software Copyrights