Incident Response Plan & Development

Incident Response Plan
& Development

Crisis management techniques to minimize liability after
a data breach

Your network may not have been attacked yet, but eventually it will be. What you do in response will either result in short, manageable downtime or a prolonged, business-crippling outage. DJMyers Law helps SMBs respond quickly and effectively to data breaches, mitigating the damage and legal liability to their business.

Your incident response plan will detail the critical steps for detecting and removing the cause and will include a list of key stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities. It encompasses IT professionals in charge of containing the attack, PR professionals who will handle internal and external communications, and your legal team in charge of reporting the attack to authorities and minimizing
litigation exposure.

“We cover all aspects of data privacy and compliance, including the latest legal developments across several industries and jurisdictions.”

DJMyers Law’s Incident Response Plan & Development service includes the following:

  • An assessment of your company’s risk potential and vulnerabilities
  • An action plan that guides you on how to effectively handle a cyberattack
  • An Incident Response Team (comprised of IT, legal, public relations, human resources, and other personnel) and their specific resources for mitigating the data breach
  • A crisis communication and escalation plan for employees and customers
  • A continuous training and testing program to identify issues and areas that can be improved
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