Data Privacy Review &
Compliance Consulting

Data Privacy Review &
Compliance Consulting

Affordable legal services covering data privacy compliance

The surge of innovations in the market has brought about new ways for companies to collect information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers from consumers. And the ways in which this data is protected has become a major concern for the public and a top priority for federal and state regulatory bodies due to rapidly-evolving cyberthreats. Data privacy is one of
the most pressing issues business owners face today.

DJMyers Law is dedicated to helping SMBs understand the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape. We develop and implement data privacy policies, data management and protection strategies, and data breach response plans, as well as provide compliance consulting services to organizations nationwide and abroad. Whether you are a healthcare, digital marketing, or tech startup business, we will keep your company compliant and
out of court.

“We cover all aspects of data privacy and compliance, including the latest legal developments across several industries and jurisdictions.”

The DJMyers Law cybersecurity strategy

Comprehensive enterprise solutions tailored to your SMB’s needs

We identify the legal regulations that apply to your business and assess your existing cybersecurity policies by:

  • Identifying which federal, state, local, and industry-specific data protection rules apply to your business
  • Collecting and reviewing existing internal cybersecurity policies & processes regarding user and technology controls
  • Conducting an initial audit & penetration test to identify vulnerabilities
  • Preparing audit assessments & action pans

We develop a plan and conduct employee training for when your organization encounters a data breach incident by:

  • Assembling and training cross-disciplinary Incident Readiness & Response Teams
  • Conducting regular tabletop exercises and stress tests
  • Evaluating and obtaining appropriate Cyberliability and Identity Theft Insurance policies
  • Conducting vendor compliance checks & audit initiatives
  • Recommending Managed Security Services necessary to meet legal obligations
  • Continuing readiness audits & penetration testing
  • Continuing end-user training
  • Structuring an organization and process to isolate liability and mitigate post-breach liability
  • Preparing and maintaining a formal Incident Readiness & Response Plan

We execute mitigation and remediation measures following a data security breach by:

  • Coordinating with the involved key players
  • Identifying the extent of the breach
  • Managing post-breach notification requirements
  • Managing Public Relations issues
  • Managing communications with insurance providers
  • Engaging in post-breach litigation and dispute resolution processes
  • Reviewing and modifying plans for the future